Reviewers Guidelines


Does the paper relate to a cohesive argument? Are ideas presented?


Does the title characterize the script? Is the writing concise and easy to follow?


part of the paper should be expanded? DELETED? Thick? Summarized? Combined?


Is the title concise, omitting implied terms, and, if possible, a statement of the main results or conclusions presented in the manuscript? Abbreviations should be avoided in the title.


Does the abstract consist of 1) research objectives; 2) method; 3) results or findings; and 4) conclusion?


Explain clearly and respectively:
Research background;
State of the art, relevant research to justify the novelty of the manuscript;
Gap analysis, new statement;
Hypothesis or problem statement (optional);
Approach to solving problems; and
Study objectives.


Methods are written, so that other researchers can replicate the experiment or study with the same results ;
It not only describes the definition of terms but also describes how to conduct research;
Describe the location, participants, research instruments, and data analysis;

Results and Discussion

The presented data has been processed (not raw) into tables or figures and given a supporting description so that it is easy to follow.
The results relate to the original question or objective in the Introduction section.
The author describes research results that are consistent with what other researchers have reported, or there are differences.
The author provides a scientific interpretation for each result or finding presented.
The author explains the implications of the research.
The author describes the study's limitations or the shortcomings of the method or position.
The author describes the need/another area for research or expansion of the idea.


Consist of:
Answer the research objectives;
Implications or recommendations (optional);
Written in paragraphs, not with bullets/numbering.